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A believer in following ones dream even when no one else is cheering you on, Michelle O’Connor has danced to the beat of her drum all the way from the inner city community to the Corporate Jamaica. A graduate of the University of Technology in Jamaica, Michelle majored in Financed with a minor in Marketing for her first degree. Knowing that education is key she didn’t stop there but continued on and achieved her Master in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans where at the end of her tenure she was nominated to deliver the valedictorian speech on behalf of her cohort. She was also nominated to join their esteemed group of high achievers for that year. It was from this experience that Michelle started her path into Strategic Management as it culminates all the facets of running a business and allows her to apply critical thinking to solving problems.

About Michelle

The Vision

To assist Business Owners in developing, implementing and monitoring plans for their Busineses by utilizing Strategic Planning and Execution Principles. 

Vision Manifestation Sessions

 Michelle’s Vision Board sessions are geared to unlocking the dreams and visions you have had for your life. Using techniques that stimulate your thinking and motivates you to take action once you gain an understanding about who you are and why you are here on earth.

Strategic Planning

Michelle sees Strategic Planning as a way of life and has continued on the path of equipping herself with tools to ensure that her organization is on the right path in achieving its objectives and goals. She recently became a Certified Graduate of the internationally acclaimed Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Score Card programme which specializes in developing Strategy &, Monitoring while translating this into organizational goals.

Business Oriented

As the face of doing business has been changing, Michelle has been applying these tools to leading the organization for which she works to successfully achieving milestones in the diversification of business as they strive for sustainable profitability and growth.  Her experience has also taken her outside of Jamaica and has allowed her to develop the skill of understanding and adapting to different techniques for Strategic Planning to ensure the knowledge is cemented and implemented 

One of the many philosophies that she has used to motivate herself since she began working at sixteen (16) years old was ‘Ad Astera Per Aspera’ – which means “to the stars through difficulties” and she believes it is in difficult times that strategies that can change one's life forever are birth.

Strategy Planning and Execution Consultancy


1876 345 1397


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