Are you feeling stuck?

This year has not been what we expected. Most of us started working on our plans, thought we had it all figured out and then our lives changed.

We had to re-do the plans we developed for our businesses, find ways to survive being quarantined, homeschooling along with staying away from friends and family. As we navigated the new norm we might have found ourselves managing various emotions. One of which is feeling stuck, not sure what to do, where to turn, feeling confused or even struggling not to GIVE UP.

If you are like me, you might have heard the word the word PIVOT. You may have spent some time:

  • Trying to understand what it means for you in your line of business

  • Wondering how to PIVOT

  • Watching others appearing to still crush their goals and feeling inadequate

I have managed to keep my self-centered as I know this is new to everyone and what works for one will not work for all.

If you think about it:

  • We might be in a different business and as such there is also a difference in the impact

  • Our support structure varies

  • Our families are also different. Some persons might be juggling homeschooling, supporting other dependents, etc

  • We are managing uncertainties in our personal business along with our 9am-5pm jobs

I say this to highlight the point that there is no one hat that fits all. Don’t spend your time sitting around and watching what others are doing, instead focus on the one thing you can do each day, or each week to keep your hustle alive.

Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Seeing that you are your business, it’s important to ensure that everything connected to you is in order so you can be great for your business.

  2. Pause and realistically assess how you can manage during these changing times. Be able to answer the following questions;

  • What are my responsibilities?

  • How much time do I have to allocate to my business, family or for personal care?

  • Are my clients still in need of my product or service?

  • Do I need to change or alter what I am offering if it’s even for a short time?

  • Are there any other skills I have that can add value to lives during this time?

One thing I can encourage you to do is never stop. Keep trying and keep pushing.

I used the table below to help in deciding what I needed to do to move my business forward which I hope you will find helpful.

Take some time to complete this and I hope it helps to get you up and running on at least one of your activities.

Michelle O'Connor, BBA, MBA, Business Growth Coach and Consultant

Need help in developing an action plan for your business, getting things done or ensuring that you are tracking your success correctly? Contact us for this and other Business Consultancy services at 1-876-345-1397 or visit our website at

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