The Virtual Live Conference


The Virtual Live Conference is being hosted to equip Entrepreneurs with the tools needed to ensure they can turn their passion into success.

At this session, you will receive proven strategies from experts to setting goals and tracking goals so that you can turn your passion into profitability and achieve breakthrough success.


We would be having sessions to delve into each of these topic​​s.



Goal Setting

What is Profitability?

Finding your purpose

What is Success


Marketing for Success

Time Management/Productivity

Strategic Planning 101

14th December, 2020

Meet Michelle

Michelle is passionate about helping those who are not able to help themselves. She holds a Degree in Finance and a Masters in Business Management.


Michelle sees Strategic Planning as a way of life and has continued on the path of equipping herself with tools to ensure that her organization is on the right path in achieving its objectives and goals.

She recently became a Certified Graduate of the internationally acclaimed Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Score Card program which specializes in developing Strategy &, Monitoring while translating this into organizational goals.

As the face of doing business has been changing, Michelle has been applying these tools to leading the organization for which she works to successfully achieving milestones in the diversification of business.

Reviews from Virtual Live Conference

My hat goes out to you! You have a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate everything from the session.

I appreciate all the advice given and I am looking forward to our other sessions. I am looking forward to another workshop to help me continue to grow my business. 

                                                        - Grace Johnson